1. Education toys are good edutainment sources that nurture creativity

Children love toys and parents love to give them toys as a way of expressing their love and care for them. The greatest seems like educational toys because it helps enrich children’s mind and thus stir their creative potentials.

Educational toys are great sources of edutainment for children. As they feel excited toying with their stuff, they’re not only thrilled by the fun of just having a toy, they’re learning at the process. The knowledge that builds their self-confidence and unleashes their creative zeal!

Have you watched a child play with a toy? You’d see the determination to get things done; they want to build, dismantle and rebuild again. At that point, they seem so engrossed in just achieving their desired result.
The desire to succeed in their adventure becomes stronger than whatever they’re being offered at that point in time. That sense of concentration is the first point of creative learning. It prepares him to be calm and committed. This same thing applies to online games. No one likes to lose and this begins to incubate the winning instinct in children.

2. They stir children’s imagination and curiosity to learn and solve problems

Take a time out and watch how a child is gripped trying to figure things out around his toy. He looks at his toy with utmost concentration and commitment, making imaginations of what to create. The child challenges himself by creating what he likes. He creates, dismantles and creates to suit exactly how he likes it. You see a beaming smile on the face of that child the moment he gets exactly what his innocent mind could conceptualize. That sense of ‘wow’ and self-fulfillment are what drive his ‘winner’ consciousness. That’s one of the greatest benefits of gifting our children educational toys. It sparks off those creative imaginations and thus pushes them into exploring and actualizing the image they have created in their minds. Inquisitiveness leads to inventiveness.

Certain games and toys awaken ‘the winner’ consciousness. Since winning is a consciousness that follows persistence, it then follows that as a child continues in his ‘trial and error’ exploits with the toys, the persistence will definitely lead to perfection. It’s only a matter of time. After all, success is a by-product of consistent effort to succeed.

3. Educational toys help build children’s self-confidence

As children solve certain puzzles using their educational toys, their self-confidence and sense of independence begin to increase. For instance, when a child perfects his skills on using his toys, he feels as though he has mastered it and could always succeed in overcoming other tougher puzzles.

Counting toys, identifying and matching colors, staking sets or solving puzzles unleash children’s confidence and this, in turn, help them build social skills that enable them to stand tall among their peers. Because of the “I can do it” confidence that has been stirred in them through educational toys, their social and academic performances begin to go higher. Blending play with learning is very beneficial for their mental and cognitive growth.

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