How Many Cool Toys Does The Average Child Need?

A toy has been described by many as a tool of special significance that molds the very essence of a child while stirring creative abilities and filling vacuums parents can only hope to imagine. a toy does more than bend to a child’s will. It creates fond memories that are loved and cherished right from childhood through adolescence. The amount of quality time children spend with their toys has made it imperative for parents to be conscious of what they give them and how they use it.

A child’s emotion and personality are best externalized when he or she is engaged with a material of fun. That is why in most cases, toys are used to aid the development of children born with disabilities in order to improve skills peculiar to their peers. However, a crucial question arises: how many cool toys are enough or to put it another way, how many cool toys are deemed too much or surplus for a child?

just how much is enough has become an important question because we live in times where toys or things for play are readily available, large in number and spanning different categories leaving the average child spoilt for choices which often range between the abstract, movie and cartoon characters, stuffed dolls and male and female dolls, ropes, cardboard boxes, balls, plastics, sport figures and video games devices.

The child spends a considerable amount of time reflecting on and imitating these instruments of fun provided to him by willing parents or donors whose good intentions may turn out to be harmful if more than what is necessary stalls the child’s growth process. Parent’s choices for toys are helped by the ever-buoyant advertising industry which plays a huge role but many would argue, does not have a clear picture of child development and learning. That is why it is necessary to introduce parents to different facets of play and toys that make or mar their children.

It is the opinion of this writer that toys, in general, should be limited to a number not exceeding ten and of different kinds. With children generally, trends in the cool toys sessions seem to be that they would rush to try each of the materials before settling on a favorite.

If instant success is not gotten while playing with a specific toy, they tend to move on. Playing video games and using the computer have become regular for children who are exposed to it on a regular basis. Computers are a good source of fun and learning for children of various ages and help to integrate them into a society that keeps evolving to new heights of technological advancements and thus wraps them in a cocoon of digital culture.

for the average child, constantly filling up his or her space with things to “mesmerize and captivate” them only goes so far to keep them interested because parents cannot fill time with constant distractions aimed at keeping the child hooked.

They will become bored but as kids, they easily snap out of it because a new idea pops up, usually accompanied by a different toy. Parents are encouraged to give children the chance to learn to make use of their imaginations and intelligent minds to imagine and create, thus enhancing possibilities and continuous ideas of fun and play – that is the best gift to give a child. True intelligence is not the ability to repeat information, rather, it is being able to think creatively and provide solutions. Be mindful of the objects you surround the child with. Stick with a few, easy and moderately hard toys and watch them fine-tune their spirit and imagination while also resisting the urge to show him/her how to handle such toys.

Occupying a child with few toys also helps them get the right feel of home. Such a child needs to hear the natural sounds in the home and perhaps move, climb and get acclimatized to their immediate environment. Young children absorb the essence and form of everything they see and come in contact with.

These impressions shape the way they view and understand the world. Thinking that a child needs to be constantly entertained is a wrong notion. The fact is when things spiral out of control; we ought to get back to the basics, back to nature; to simply let the child “discover himself or herself.”

Added to the above, parents are advised to partake in playing sessions their children engage in without imposing themselves thereby spoiling the fun. This is preferable than exposing such children to the media. The media is highly invasive in a child’s experience.

No matter the number of toys that resonates in any parent(s) mind, it is important to note that parental love supersedes any material, object or device.


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May 14, 2018

Less is more. Too much is overwhelming.

May 14, 2018

My daughter had a favorite doll. Every few weeks she she became a different person. She got a new name, home, activities. When she was from Venus she even got a new language. She wasn’t a doll that could walk or talk, just a doll plus imagination.

May 14, 2018

thank you for wonderful article 🙂

May 15, 2018

nice article its very difficult to tell how many toys does a kid need to have

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