How to make a Jigsaw Puzzle that’s great Learning Fun

Have you been in search of the jigsaw puzzle that is amazing to play around with your kids? Do you want to know how to make a jigsaw puzzle that’s great learning fun? It is all the more a known fact that puzzles have always taken to be one of the best mediums for your kid in order to make your child’s mind and cognitive development. They are taken to be one of the greatest sources of giving the kid brain development a perfect growth too.  It has been medically tested that a kid brain is developed on the huge medium when they make an effort to manipulate something around them. Puzzles play an important role in this respect.  Kids would learn how to bring a change in the shape and appearance of an object through the puzzle blocks.  Puzzles are also helpful and greater source for the kid with respect to learning the connection between their hands and their eyes. In the jigsaw puzzle, their brain, eyes, and hands work together for finding the piece and also manipulating it too. They do enhance the child memory as well. A kid will recall the shapes, color, and sizes of the puzzle again and again as they start identifying it.

Now, most of the people do want to make the jigsaw puzzle that is fun to play around with. But they do want to create with their own self-help. Below we will let you know the step by step method about how you should be creating the jigsaw puzzle that is great and exciting to have learned with:

Step by Step Method about How to make a Jigsaw Puzzle:

Now below we will be enlisting down with the steps that will make you learn that how to make a jigsaw puzzle that’s great learning fun!

  1. In the starting of the method, you will be choosing the image related to which you want to make the puzzle. You can make the choice even for the enlarged family photo or a digital montage of several photos. You need to blend them together to create an interesting puzzle. You can often carry out with the selection of the pictures of buildings or landscapes or animals that are much exciting and tricky enough to solve the puzzle. Your options will just be limited by the side of your imagination.
  2. In the next step, you will be making the starting with the puzzle creation for which you do need to look for some suitable backing. You can try with the cardboard as well. This will retain the puzzle shape and will be more resistant to breaking or tearing. If you are creating the puzzle for some young kid use, then it would be recommended to use the foam besides the cardboard. Keep the pieces bigger in shape.
  3. Now you have to be careful at the time of sticking the picture by the use of glue stick. You need to attend with the craft glue or the white glue for giving a complete finishing look.  A dry glue will be the perfect option to mount the pictures together to backing board or cardboard.
  4. As the pictures have been dried completely, you will be turning the picture as over and then make the use of the pencil and ruler to lightly trace a grid of squares into the back of the board. You should avoid making the pieces as small. You should be cutting them down and then work with them for assembling them.
  5. As you are all done with the whole of the back section into the grid of even-sized squares, you will be using the pencil to create the little interlock shapes. These shapes would be held as in between each piece. If you want to know that whether the shapes have been working well on the jigsaw, you will be checking on with some of the pieces you have in existing jigsaw puzzles. They will not all be the same and will be in irregular formation as well.
  6. As you are all done with the outlining your pieces and shapes with the pencil, now you will be putting yourself on the task as to cut out your shapes. You can use the sharp utility knife to cut your pieces. You will be careful much as you have to follow with the pencil lines that are to be drawn at the back side. This would not let the picture to get torn up from the front side.
  7. In the last step, you will be breaking apart the pieces which you have cut down. You will be locating them at some large zip-lock bag. You can also buy with some of the small plain boxes from many stores. You can look for the small one that is comfortable enough to get the adjustment of the zip-lock bag of jigsaw pieces into. You have to, later on, paste the second copy you made of the picture right on top of the box. This will be done through the use of dry glue spray to use as a reference picture for the sake of the person solving the puzzle.

So these have been simple and easy to follow steps that will let you know how to make a jigsaw puzzle that’s great learning fun! You just need to stay focused while cutting down the pieces of the paper for the puzzle creation. According to the mindset of the kid, you can create upon the level of the puzzle that has to be either simple, medium or complicated.

Follow the steps carefully and create the interesting and exciting piece of the jigsaw puzzle right now!

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July 9, 2018

Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you!

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