Why not, research has proved that great things can happen when children play online games. There is a pool of online games they could choose from that would not only help them get smarter but aid their creative abilities and academic performances.

For instance, a research from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia revealed that playing games could help sharpen children’s skills and thus improve their academic performances.

The research conducted by Alberto Posso, an Associate Professor at RMITS School of Economics, Finance and Marketing asserted that students who play online games almost everyday score 15 points above the average in mathematics and 17 points above the average in science. The online game must be educative game though.

Some of these online games are patterned to solve puzzles and creatively engage the minds of children towards solving complex problems. When this consciousness is fully raised in a child, the world will see emerging scientists and generation that can solve common and bigger societal problems.

But Associate Professor Alberto Posso warned against violent games. That is where the fear lies for every parent. Aside from the benefits of playing online games, there are things to be concerned about.
Experts opined that much as gaming might be considered healthy and beneficial for children, the children should not be freely allowed access to social media. Once done, the negative effect and influences of it stand to override whatever the child has learned.

Posso believed that once a child is exposed to the social media, things will begin to take a negative turn.
“Students who are regularly on social media are, of course, losing time that could be spent on a study – but it may also indicate they are struggling with math, reading, and science and are going online to socialize instead,”
“Teachers might want to look at blending the use of Facebook into their classes as a way of helping those students engage.”

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But the fear heightens here. Whether the fear is real or imagery is established through the child’s performances the moment the child is exposed to social media. There are other fears of infiltration.
21st-century warfare is a war of infiltration. This means that as much as we could learn great things online, there abound other online offers that can bend our morals, twist our virtue and make us see things differently from the way we had hitherto seen them.

For instance, parents are highly warned these days against some online weirdoes who lure children into destructive habits. These people crave to infiltrate the moral lives of these children by exposing them to destructive and violent lifestyles.

Today, there are reported cases of terror organizations devising so many ways through which they proselytize their violent ideologies. In some cases, children have become victims of this evil plot.

There is another fear of addiction. Games are addictive that if children are not controlled, they would want to be playing games when they should be in the classes for studies.

These and many more seem the danger of becoming so attached to online games. That’s not to say there are no healthy online games which our children could play and get smarter. There are countless numbers of them, but supervising them and helping them to choose from the pool of online games that abound seems an indispensable responsibility of parents.

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May 30, 2018

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