Tips For Buying Safe Toys For Kids

Most parents ignore this part of their children’s life. They just buy any toy their kid say they want. They don’t wait to check some vital information on the toy; they do not consider the safety of the toy, how dangerous it will be if anything bad happens. Parents claim that since they love their kids, that’s all that matters. Whether or not the toy is safe it is not important. Safety should always come first. Parents should learn this, and teach their children to learn to say it, know it, and apply it.

As a matter of fact, each year, children get injured by their toys, in most situations the toys their parents call ‘their favorite toy’. When buying toys for your kids or any kid you are privileged to buy a toy for, make sure you use the following information for safe purchase, safe use and reduction in injuries suffered yearly.

Buying tips that are very important

  • Avoid toys that shoot or point objects into the air

These types of toys are extremely risky. They can cause serious eye injuries and choke your kids at the same time. You see why you should avoid it?

  • Avoid loud toys

To some parents, this is the least of their problems, it doesn’t matter how loud it is, and all that matters is that the child is happy and singing along. Avoid loud toys, to preserve your child’s hearing.

  • Avoid toys with toxic materials contained in them

Parents do not even stop to check in most situations. Once they see it, the kids like it, they like it, they buy it. They don’t try to read the body for any label or even try shaking it so that they can be sure that there is nothing poisonous inside.

  • If you have to buy plastic toys, buy the ones that are strong

In better words, buy sturdy toys for your kids. Buy toys that don’t break easily. This is so that the toy will not break into pieces. The moment the toy breaks because it is not sturdy enough, the child may be tempted to put broken pieces into his/her mouth, ear or even his/her eyes. So, if you must buy a plastic toy, make sure you buy a sturdy one

  • Read the label

Most parents are too busy to read this. They just pick any available toy and put it into their shopping bags, and move away without checking the labels. The parents ignore the fact that labels explain the ages the toy is suitable for, and how to use the toy. Parents have to be sure that the toy they are buying is for the age of their child, apart from this, they must make sure that the child understands how to use the toy.

  • Be very smart

People think that smartness is excluded when it comes to parenting. They think that being smart is for just school children and has nothing to do with them. To be a good parent, you have to think smart. For example, make sure that the toy you purchase is bigger or wider than the size of your child’s mouth. This is to prevent the kid from swallowing the detachable part.

Look for toys that are well stuffed and without any sharp edge. Make sure that the seams are tight and there are no ribbons or strings that can cause strangulation. You have to be very careful; you need to buy washable toys, it easier and better. You prevent a lot of things by doing obey the simple rule.

Reasons why you need to choose the right toy for the right age

This is a very important part of this article because some parents or guardians see it as normal to buy a 14-year-old toy for a 6-year-old child. They believe it’s just for fun, after all, forgetting that the life of the child is on the line. The following are the few reasons why you need to get the right toy for the right aged child.

  • The ability of the child to play with the toy

This is very important as a matter of fact. The ability of your child to play with a toy determines the level of risk that the child will be exposed to. If your child does not know how to play with a toy, he/she may use it in a risky way. So, why choosing a toy, consider the ability of the kid to use the toy.

  • The ability of the child to understand how to use a toy

The child must understand how to use a toy. Some children do not know how to use a toy at all. Please, make sure that kids that fall into this category are taught proper use

What type of toys to buy for kids?

There are different types of toys fit for kids. They include:

Toys for infants: toys for infants include toys that are without sharp edges, toys they can squeeze, textured balls, and toys that make sounds.

Toys for older infants: These include toys kids can build with blocks and toys they can pretend with such as baby dolls, Superman outfit, and more.

Toys for pre-schoolers: These toys will help them build their brain. Such toys include puzzles, numbers, crayons for creativity, puppet theatre etc.

As a parent or guardian, you have to learn how to by the correct toy, so that you can reduce the risk of an injury. If you are searching for the great toys for your kids, mycrazypanda offers amazing and safe toys for your kids.

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May 10, 2018

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