Which Educational Toy is Just Right?

As parents who care about the physical, mental and psychological well-being of our children, we most times do everything we could do to give them the supports that would fare them well from sound teen-hood to safe adulthood.
One of the questions that agitate our mind is usually about the best educational toy that is right for our kids. This choice has to be made in view of countless toys out there promising one beautiful experience for the child or the other.

Toys mean different thing to children. It helps them in their mind-formation age and this is usually influenced by what they see from their immediate environment, at home or in a movie.

Talking about how the environment influences children’s choices for toys, especially the teens, a visit to an IDP camp in Africa comes to mind. These children from their war-torn communities seemed not to have seen anything more than wars, violence, murder, and assault by a terrorist group. That seemed to have formed an image in their minds that toy-guns seemed their preferred choices.

We had to convince their caregivers to substitute those toys with something more entertaining and educating. That sounds really bad but it’s a pointer to something very important to parents.

An educational toy must positively influence children’s physical growth, mental and cognitive skills. Children are attached to colors. The more the colors of a toy, the better it is for children. A toy has to catch their eyes and attention first. It also has to be handy and so smooth enough as not to give kids cut when they fall over them.
Audible toys such as playhouses, puppets, a toy telephone or dolls are quite entertaining. It helps their interactive skills as they’re awed and amused as the little stuffs speak. Whether the toy is reading out a pre-recorded poem or rending a beautiful music, the children are always gripped by it.
But coming to the question, which educational toy is best for children, I think providing children with mind-enriching toys that expand their creativity and healthily impact on their physical, mental and cognitive abilities are just right.

Edutainment games are perfect as they would not only entertain the children, they would also enrich their minds. Some of them are:

Locke’s Blocks
Lego blocks are pieces of miniature plastic blocks that can be assembled and connected in some many different ways, to construct as many objects as a child desires. This ranges from vehicles, buildings, and working robots.

Tabletop Building Blocks
This toy is used for kids from 2 years and older. It contains 87 hardwood building blocks that allow kids to play around setting up different building styles. It’s quite mind-engaging and helps unleash children’s creative wits.

Castle Building/Demountable Toy
This toy could be plastic or wooden. It fascinates children a lot as it enables them to experiment with putting up a demountable structure. With it, children can build any model of a miniature house of their choice.

Israeli Ministry of Education hired the services of one of the Russian Chess Masters to develop a curriculum that integrates chess as a vital subject to be studied in children’s schools in Israel. Chess is one of the best mind-building games that can be deployed in children’s developmental stages.

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